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Glass sand (particle) production line Detailed

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Glass sand (particle) production lineGlass sand (particle) production line
Glass sand (particle) production line is also called powder line. The main function is to break the old glass into irregular prismatic glass particles. These glass particles are often said that the glass sand, also known as raw sand. Raw sand is sand that does not pass through the furnace production process.
Glass sand production line is a reasonable combination of crusher, conveyor belt, silo, vibrating screen, hoist, dust collector. The whole production line is more sophisticated, the production process does not exist chemical reaction, is the use of physical crushing and screening method to complete. The only environmental problem is the production process will produce dust, but there are high-power dust collector can be a perfect solution.
Glass sand production line is about the process of waste glass into the crusher broken into glass particles, through the conveyor belt to the glass particles transported to the hoist, the elevator to raise the glass particles to the silo, and finally the glass particles through the silo on the screen sieve , In line with the rules of the glass sand package, unqualified return to the crusher to re-broken.
As the saying goes, a sub-price goods, the market has a lot of glass sand production line, the price varies, the main difference is in the wood workmanship. Of course, the most expensive is not necessarily the best, choose the right is right. Enough use is often the choice of the customer. Choose what kind of price of the product to be able to do it.

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