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The characteristics of glass beads forming furnace

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glass beads furnace
Glass beads molding furnace is a new type of combustion furnace dedicated to the preparation of glass products, the main fuel for natural gas or coking gas.
The outer peripheral wall of the glass microbeam forming furnace is provided with a wind jacket sandwich, and the air duct is introduced into the furnace through the air duct, and the air duct is introduced into the heating furnace to help the hot air combustion and the outer peripheral wall of the forming furnace Set the circulating water jacket to cool the air cooling. With low manufacturing costs, good production continuity and high yield, high yield characteristics.
Glass beads forming furnace selection of superior steel, finished processing made of combustion furnace, glass beads molding furnace is a kind of furnace body machinery and equipment, the main working principle for the combustion of gas in the furnace, to be the furnace temperature To a certain extent, put the material, the melting beads of beads, to produce glass beads, the production project is in the furnace within a physical change process.

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