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Grinding glass beads production line production process prec

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1, the choice of materials, as is used for grinding use, we then choose the raw material is to choose the hardness of large flat glass. Selection of high quality raw materials to ensure that when used in grinding is not fragile. In addition, the use of the appropriate size of glass sand as raw material for firing, so that the finished product fineness will be better, the same can also save manpower and resources

2, firing, according to their own production requirements can choose the appropriate single tube or multi-tube grinding furnace, so as to avoid waste of resources.

3, cleaning, firing out the surface of the grinding glass beads oily and other impurities are not enough finish, so go through the washing machine cleaning. Washing machine can not only clean the surface impurities, but also by centrifugal force to remove impurities inside.

4, sub-circular screening, after cleaning the polished glass beads after drying through the sub-circular screening, remember to strictly check, roundness is not enough, the size of the glass beads can not be reworked.

In the production of grinding glass beads in each step are very important, have to be careful operation, the only way to improve product yield and pass rate.

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