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Application of Vibrating Screen in Glass Bead Production

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vibrating screen
Vibrating screen is the use of vibrator excitation generated by the reciprocating vibration and work, the movement of different screens to the material for screening.

Vibrating sieve mainly linear vibrating screen and circular vibrating screen, we are in the production of glass beads is mainly used in linear vibrating screen.

1, in the production of glass beads, we have to produce according to the production and micro-particle size to select the appropriate shaker. According to the output to select the power of the vibration motor size, according to the type of glass beads produced by the size and size to select the number of layers and the size of the screen aperture. Only the right ratio can make the full use of resources.

2, glass beads can be fired at the same time firing a number of particle size range, so the shaker in the production process is particularly important. According to our production needs to choose the appropriate shaker, while improving the pass rate increased efficiency.

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