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Glass sand particles production line

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glass sand particles production line
Using a bucket elevator, the material is transported to the material bin, which is crushed by the material hopper into hammer crusher. Raw materials stored in the transport process will inevitably polluted by dust, so dust removal is very important in the production process, main use of pulse bag filter.

Glass sand production is to point to the broken glass that will be recycled into a certain size of glass gauze particles. The crushing process of the vitreous yarn is the crusher that the crusher is a hammer crusher

Hammer crusher applied in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and water and electricity industries, it is mainly used for the finely limestone, coal or other below the medium hardness brittle materials. It has the characteristics of crushing ratio, high production capacity and uniform product granularity.

How the hammer crusher works:

Hammer crusher is mainly the shock action to break the material. Crushing process is that the material into the crusher, subjected to high speed rotating hammer impact and broken, broken material from the eduction in clearance, individual large material, on the bask in article again by the impact of the hammer head, grinding, extrusion and crushing, the material being hammer head out from the gap, to obtain the required particle size products.

The reversible and non-reversible type of hammer crusher is reversible and the rotor of reversible hammer crusher is used for fine crushing. The rotor of an irreversible hammer crusher is not reversible and is normally used for crushing.

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