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The application of screw conveyor in the production of glass

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Screw conveyor
Wring the working principle of the dragon with the rotation of the rotating spiral blade passage will material so as to realize the material conveying, ground screw axis of the dragon terminal at the direction of material movement have thrust bearings to along with the material to spiral axial reaction force, when the captain a long, should add hanging bearing in the middle.

The advantages of the dragon:

1, simple operation, safety

2, the dragon can work in a sealed state to prevent dust pollution

3, dragon structure is simple, compact space

4, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs

5, the direction of the auger transport has diversity, can achieve the horizontal, vertical, tilt direction of transport

6, the dragon can complete the material mixing, mixing, loose and other processes

1. The friction between the blade and the shell is large, the kinetic energy consumption is much, the blades and the casing are easy to wear, and the material is easy to be broken.

2, the transmission distance is limited <30m

3, not easy to transport with long fiber and impurities

Ground dragon is mainly used in the production of glass beads, glass beads cooling, horizontal transport just came out from the glass bead forming furnace production of glass beads, glass beads to sieve sieve. The main use of this is a boneless dragon.

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