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Factors affecting the work of magnetic separation ultrasonic

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Factors affecting the work of magnetic separation ultrasonic vibration screening machine:

1 Effect of magnetic separation is the most important factor to the magnetic separation of the ore particle size
To the thickness of the ore granularity for most minerals, marking the ore monomer respectively of the size of that magnetic mineral particles and the gangue particles were the degree. Hypothesis into the ore grain size is small, indicating that the mineral monomer respectively, can be achieved to meet the policy; hypothesis into the ore particle size in contrast to the crude, indicating that the mineral is not fully dissociated, monomer respectively degree is not high. On the contrary intergrowth more that magnetic particles and gangue still have properly and have some contact together.
Coenobium because also has magnetic separation of belongings, some can choose appropriate. To reduce the level of concentrate. Therefore, it is necessary to give the mineral into the magnetic separator to fully reach the monomer, respectively. For coarser ore, only mineral and gangue monomer respectively on the line has arrived, not necessarily size too small. So the ore sometimes size despite some rough, but quality is not low, the main reason is for ore block size cloth coarse grinding to a certain degree of useful mineral and gangue is separated.

2 slurry concentration is one of the key factors affecting the magnetic separator magnetic effects, mainly refers to the classifier overflow density is too small.
Assuming the slurry concentration is too large, a separation concentration is too high, it will seriously affect the quality of concentrate. Because not open cover now concentrate particles were finer gangue particles and parcel sorting, together with selected up to reduce the level; too small separation of low concentration of slurry concentration, will constitute the increase of the velocity of the chosen not to reduce, make some originally have opportunity should be up tiny magnetic particles, into the tailing increased the level of tailings, constitute a lost.
So, according to the needs to adjust the slurry concentration. In magnetic separator adjustment is mainly rely on to mine a size of bulk water blowing to adjust, but the most important is classification overflow density it is necessary according to the request of magnetic separation to the end. The maximum concentration of feeding slurry can not exceed 35%, the general control of around 30%, according to the actual situation to determine the specific.

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