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Solution method of conveyor belt slipping of belt conveyor

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Belt conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt and the drive pulley. Conveyor belt slipping is a kind of production failure which is often encountered in the production. It may cause the belt to wear, which causes the conveyor belt to burn and even cause the fire. Customer service conveyor belt slipping phenomenon, we must first find slip reasons, and take effective measures to solve, because the belt drive mainly rely on operation of friction force between itself and the roller, the reason for the slip is because friction is too small to increase friction. Belt conveyor belt slip solution is as follows:
1, solve the skidding hammer tensioning belt conveyor belt. Use hammer tensioning device of belt conveyor, in the belt conveyor belt slippage can add counterweight to solve, added to the belt does not slip so far. But should not be added too much, so as not to make the belt conveyor belt to bear the unnecessary excessive tension and reduce its service life.
2, to solve the spiral tension or hydraulic tension belt conveyor belt conveyor belt. Using screw tension or hydraulic tensioning belt conveyor, belt slipping can be adjusted to increase the tension of the tension. But sometimes the tensioning stroke is not enough, which makes the leather belt conveyor belt permanent deformation when the belt off a section to cure.
3, in the use of nylon belt or EP is required for a long trip, when the trip is not enough time to re tighten the belt to re tighten the trip to solve the problem of belt conveyor belt.
4, the conveyor belt tension is too small. Conveyor belt to leave the roller at the tension is not enough to cause the conveyor belt slipping; this happens in the starting, the solution is to adjust the tension device, increase the initial tension;
5, a tail roller bearing damage does not turn or roller bearing damage not too much; damage reason is too many ups and downs of the tail, not timely maintenance and replacement of damaged or rotation is not flexible components, the resistance increase caused by skidding.
6, transmission roller and conveying belt between the friction caused by insufficient slip, or because of the conveyor with water or wet environment; solution is to add some rosin in the roller end; but be careful not to use hand feeding, and the application of blasting equipment into, in order to avoid accidents;
7, the starting speed is too fast to form a slip; this time can be slow start; such as the use of squirrel cage motor, can be moved two times after the start, but also can effectively overcome the phenomenon of slipping;
8, a conveying belt load is too large, exceed the motor power can be slippery. At the same time, slipping advantageously side is to protect the motor; or else a long time motor will be burnt; but for operation is slipping accidents.

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