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Use of belt conveyor support roller

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Use of belt conveyor support roller
1 roller before use should be carefully checked whether the appearance of serious bump damage phenomenon, the rotating rollers should be flexible rotation, no jam.
2 the installation distance of the roller should depend on the type of the logistics and the size of the conveyor to be determined by scientific calculation, and avoid excessive or excessive installation.
3 roller installation should be adapted to avoid inter grinding touch.
Two, belt conveyor support roller maintenance
1 roller normal service life of more than 20000h, generally do not need to repair. But according to the size of the location and load should be formulated corresponding maintenance date, timely cleaning and oiling maintenance, timely clearing float coal. For abnormal sound and do not turn the roller to be replaced in a timely manner.
2. The replacement of bearings must be the bearing cage with an outward opening and into the bearing roller after should maintain appropriate clearance, shall not be crushed to death.
3 labyrinth seals should be used in the original factory parts, assembly should be installed in the roller, shall not be assembled together.
4 use roller, should prevent heavy hammer smashing roller tube.
5 in order to ensure the sealing performance of roller and the use of performance, the prohibition of random removal of the roller.

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