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Vibration screen plate shedding and solving

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Vibration screen
Vibration sieve sieve plate in the operation, has long been the impact of large coal gangue, material, easy to bend and deform, general 1 month about sieve plate edge glue will and screen frame stripping, resulting in sieve plate off. After the fall of sieve plate, not only when the replacement of the influence of production time and the bulk material warehousing, still can make blockage of pipeline in the process of coal production.
In order to solve the sieve plate off this problem using two sieve plates together as one of the connecting plate and drill a hole at the middle part of the connecting plate directly with screws fixed on the machine side beam on the screen, so as to ensure plate will not fall off. At the same time, the move to make plate area increased to twice the original, reduce the impact of the bulk material on the sieve plate, delay the lamina cribrosa deformation, prolong the service life of the sieve plate.

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