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Ultrasonic vibration sieve applicable materials

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Ultrasonic vibration screen
Ultrasonic vibration sieve applicable materials
Ultrasonic vibrating screen is suitable for the screening, removing and filtering of powder and liquid materials of 500 eyes. Mainly in the chemical, pharmaceutical, metal powder and other fine screening industry has played a great role.
Ultrasonic vibration sieve applicable materials can be divided into:
1 pharmaceutical: suitable for Chinese and Western medicine, western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine screening, filtration, impurity removal;
2 food: according to the national health standards for the design and production of ultrasonic vibration sieve can be screening flour, coffee powder, cocoa powder, spices, food additives, etc.;
3 metal powder; ultrasonic vibration screen can be screened copper, iron, aluminum, lead, zinc, alloy powder, magnetic materials, such as metal powder;
4 abrasive: alumina, corundum, corundum, quartz sand glass beads and other abrasive materials;
5 chemical, chemical materials: plastic, rubber, resin, dyes, fillers and other chemical materials have a good screening effect;
6 fiber material: activated carbon, wood powder, sawdust, charcoal, and other fiber materials with a good screening effect.

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