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Effect of rotating speed on the efficiency of vibrating scre

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vibrating screen
Vibration sieve efficiency in many customers eyes are very important standards, but increase the screen area, it will increase the shaft length, shaft, but the large bearing speed is limited, can not be increased. This flaw makes the production of vibrating screen is seriously insufficient.

The significant characteristic of the vibrating screen of our company is the large screen angle, which can increase the screen area. But crushing efficiency also consider hammer and material impact on the relative speed difference, horizontal pulverizer shock shafts the material resistance ring of an important role, micro grinder washboard without screen and fish scale sieve sieve outstanding are material resistance ring an effort.

Vibration sieve sieve plate is cylindrical, the sieve around the cylinder axis of rotation axis in general downloading not play angle. Material from one end of the cylinder to enter, the level of fine material from the cylinder shape through the pores of the surface of the work, the coarse material from the other end of the cylinder exhaust. The rotating speed of the drum screen is very low, the work is stable and the power balance is good. But the pore blockage, low screening efficiency, small working area, low productivity. Concentrator rarely used it to make screening equipment.

Viscosity is an important characteristic of lubricant, viscosity size directly affect the formation of liquidity and the friction surface of the lubricating oil of oil film thickness, vibration sieve the viscosity of lubricating oil in the operating temperature of the bearing is generally 12-15cst. higher speed to be elected lower viscosity, the more heavily loaded elected high viscosity. Commonly used lubricating oil, mechanical oil, high speed mechanical oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, transformer oil, cylinder oil, etc..

Vibrating screens need to use vibration isolation device (spring) to isolate the problem and the ground. Its spring stiffness should not be too large, so as not to cause too much vibration on the ground. Spring, spring, spring and rubber spring. In order to restrain the transverse oscillation of the screen box, the damping spring is sometimes installed.

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