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Regular maintenance to extend the life of vibrating screen

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vibrating screen
In order to prevent the vibration sieve, the maintenance and overhaul of the screening machine should be carried out by full-time personnel. Weekly inspection, monthly inspection and annual inspection shall be carried out. It can prolong the life of the screen.
Weekly inspection:
Check vibration exciter and giggling part of the bolt is loose, check the screen surface is loose and broken, and mesh size is too large, found that the problem should be handled in a timely manner.

Monthly check:
Check whether there is no crack in the screen frame component itself or in the weld. If there are cracks should be cleaned up the surface. At the crack tip of borehole diameter 5mm, scoop out the groove and preheating after welding, should ensure penetration, after welding the weld grinding, plus fill strong plate. In order to avoid stress concentration, do not allow their own gas cutting holes and welding accessories on a screen frame.

Yearly inspection:
Response to the shock absorber cleaning overhaul. Demolition should pay attention to the inner ring of the bearing and the bearing body with a marker, prevent after cleaning, assembly, and the inner ring of the original bearing made a mistake. To condemnation, to keep the original bearing clearance. If the bearing pitting, to deal with the whole set of bearing replacement. When the bearing is replaced, the inner ring of the original bearing is pre heated, and the bearing is removed from the main shaft, and then the inner ring of the new bearing is heated to 80 degree --100. When re assembly, attention should be paid to both sides of the vibration of the eccentric block to keep the same phase.
1 vibrator for oil lubrication, the initial operation of 40 hours after the normal use of oil, oil change period is 120 hours.
2 oil may refer to the table when unloading the vibrator oil, oil level check (2-15), to help a small amount of oil drops out continuously.
3. Vibrator sealing plate and the isolation between the ring labyrinth groove injected general lithium grease, grease with a dry oil gun oil cup alignment, grease every 15 days. Each point 50-100ml.

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