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Common trouble and eliminating measures of screening machine

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Common trouble and eliminating measures of screening machine
1 screening effect is not good, from the following 10 aspects of inspection and maintenance:
(1) the mesh plug or screen surface damage
(2) high moisture content
(3) screening material is not all
(4) after screening material
(5) the screen is not tight
(6) stop screen, screen cleaning or replacement of the screen surface
(7) to adjust the angle of the vibrating screen
(8) adjust the feeding amount
(9) to reduce the amount of feed
(10) screen tension
2, the transmission speed is not enough a tape drive belt is too loose, Zhang Jin, bearing fever, from the following 8 aspects of inspection and maintenance:
(1) bearing lack of oil
(2) bearing dirty
(3) the quality of bearing oil too much oil or not to conform to requirements
(4) bearing wear
(5) oil
(6) wash the bearing, replace the sealing ring, check the sealing device
(7) check the oil condition
(8) replace the bearing
3. Sieve extension vibration force is weak, flywheel block installed incorrectly or too light, regulating flywheel weight position or aggravate counterweight; vibration sieve box is too large, eccentric different amounts to find a good sieving machine balance; sieve spindle not turn up, sealing sleeve plug, clean sealed bearings; sieving machine operation, the sound is not normal from below 10 inspection and maintenance:
(1) bearing wear
(2) screen without tension
(3) fixed bearing bolt loose
(4) spring damage
(5) gear wear and damage
(6) replace the bearing
(7) closer to the sun
(8) tighten the bolt
(9) replace the spring
(10) change gears

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