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Three major causes of noise caused by belt conveyor

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belt conveyor
Belt conveyor noise is mainly caused by the following three cases: supporting and serious eccentric, belt conveyor coupling two axes are not concentric, belt conveyor, changed to the drum and the driving roller of the abnormal noise, following on from the three reasons and solutions to specific analysis:
One, belt conveyor roller serious eccentric noise
When the belt conveyor is running, there will be abnormal noise and periodic vibration. In particular, the return roller, because of its larger length, since the major noise is relatively large. The cause of the noise is mainly due to the following 4 reasons.
1 seamless steel pipe manufacturing roller wall thickness is not uniform, resulting in a larger centrifugal force. the processing center holes at both ends of bearing and outer circle of large deviations, the centrifugal force is too large.
3 roller installation is not;
4 roller or roller surface with debris.
Solution: in the case of bearing does not damage and allow noise to exist, can continue to use.

Two, belt conveyor coupling two axis misalignment when noise
An abnormal noise emitted at a high speed end motor of the driving device and the coupling of the speed reducer or the coupling with the brake wheel is also associated with the same vibration as the rotation frequency of the motor.
Solution: the position of the electrode speed reducer should be carried out in time to avoid the fracture of the input shaft of the speed reducer.

Three, belt conveyor to the roller and the driving drum of the abnormal noise
When the roller and the driving drum are normal working, the noise is very small, when the abnormal noise occurs, the bearing is damaged, and the bearing seat is issued with a ringing sound.
Solution: replace the bearing.
In addition, the following situations will make the belt conveyor noise
1 head drive roller and the rear drum is not parallel;
2 drive drum, rear drum shaft center line and the center line is not vertical;
3 roller center line is not in the center of the body;
4 conveyor belt joints are not or conveyor belt aging deterioration caused by both sides of the deviation;
5 both sides of the fuselage is not on a level;
6 tape distortion noise is the motor, reducer, roller, roller bearings, such as the lack of lubrication or improper installation of the resonance caused by.

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