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Analysis and treatment of common faults of belt conveyor

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belt conveyor
Belt conveyor belt running deviation is the most common fault. In order to solve this kind of fault, the emphasis should be paid attention to the installation of the size accuracy and daily maintenance. Deviation of a variety of reasons, need different processing according to the different reasons.
1 adjust the bearing support roller group
Belt conveyor belt in central deviation of the belt conveyer can adjust the support group and the position to adjust the deviation; in the manufacture of supporting roller group on both sides of the mounting holes are processed cell growth in order to adjust. The belt roller group to which side, which side of the belt toward the direction of forward or backward on the other side. At the lower belt upward direction is the deviation of the roller group should move to the left, move right upper supporting roller group.
2 installing aligning roller group
Aligning supporting roller group there are in a variety of types as intermediate shaft, four connecting rod type, roller and so on. Its principle is using blocking or roller in horizontal plane in the direction of the rotation stopping or lateral thrust of the automatic belt centripetal to adjust the deviation of the belt. General in the total length of the belt conveyor is short or belt conveyor bidirectional operation using this method is reasonable, the reason is a short belt conveyer easier deviation and is not easy to adjust. And long belt conveyor is best not to use this method, because the adjustment of the use of the roller group will have a certain impact on the belt life.

3 adjust the driving drum and the drum to position.
The driving drum and the drum to the adjustment is an important link of belt deviation adjustment. Because of a belt transport and at least two to five roller, all roller installation location must be vertical to the central line of the length direction of the belt conveyor, if the deviation is too inevitable occurrence deviation. The adjustment method is similar to the adjustment roller group. The head drum such as belt to the deviation of the right side of the drum, the right side of the bearing seat shall move forward, belt to the drum of the left deviation, is on the left side of the bearing seat shall move forward, corresponding can also be a left bearing seat after the shift or right bearing seat after the shift. The adjustment method of the rear drum is opposite to the head roller.
After repeated adjustment of position until the belt to the ideal. In the adjustment drive or change drum before accurate installation position.

4 tension adjustment
The belt tension adjustment is a very important part of belt conveyor deviation adjustment. Hammer tensioning the upper position of the two changes to the drum in addition should be vertical to the direction of the length of the belt outside should be vertical to the gravitational vertical, to ensure that the shaft center line level. When the screw tension or the hydraulic oil cylinder is used, the two bearing seats of the tensioning roller should be simultaneously translated to ensure that the roller axis is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the belt. And the roller adjustment method of belt deviation of the specific adjustment at the similar.

5 transpersite effect of position on the deviation of the belt material
Reprint material blanking position of belt deviation has very big influence, especially projection in the two conveyer belts in the horizontal stander into perpendicular to a greater impact. Usually should consider the relative height of the upper and lower two belt conveyor. The lower the relative height, the greater the level of the material, while the material is difficult to center. The material deviation of the belt transect, eventually leading to the deviation of the belt. If the material is partial to the right, then the belt to the left deviation, and vice versa. In the design process should be as much as possible to increase the relative height of the two belt conveyor. In the form and size of the upper and lower hopper, the guide groove and other parts of the moving bulk material transportation machinery which is restricted by the space, the form and the size should be considered seriously. General guide groove width should be more appropriate for the belt width of about 2/3. In order to reduce or avoid the deviation of the belt can increase the blocking plate barrier material, change the direction and position of the whereabouts of the material.

6 two-way operation of belt conveyor deviation adjustment
Two-way running belt conveyer belt deviation adjustment adjustment than one-way belt conveyor deviation relative to many difficulties, in the specific adjustment should be to adjust in a certain direction, and then adjust the another direction. The relationship between the adjustment to carefully observe the movement direction of the belt deviation trend, adjust one by one. The emphasis should be placed on the adjustment of the driving drum and the drum, and the second is the adjustment of the roller and the adjustment of the material. At the same time, we should pay attention to the belt in the vulcanized joint should be the belt section length direction of the admissibility of the uniform, in the use of the guide chain when the force on both sides of the force as far as possible.

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