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Reasons for the accumulation of materials in the use of vibr

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Reasons for the accumulation of materials in the use of vibrating screens
Vibrating screen in the use of the process will appear on the screen of the phenomenon of material accumulation. What causes the accumulation of material?

Roughly divided into four reasons: the mesh screen if there are problems, the mesh is too small will cause the low permeability rate of material.
2 check whether the ground level of the vibrating screen is smooth, the discharge port height will affect the material running track, easy to cause the material to the side.
3. The screen and a feed inlet is horizontal, under normal circumstances should be horizontal or 6mm, according to screening of different materials the feed inlet design height is not the same.
4 vibrating screen vibration motor angle adjustment is a problem.
Improper motor vibrators angle adjustment can also cause material accumulation phenomenon, vibration motor eccentric angle adjustment, angle is smaller, the material in the sieve surface operation outward spread faster and vice angle change the assembly so that the material outward spread of slow. Change the vibration motor eccentric block angle should be about five degrees adjustment, if you accuracy of screening have strict requirements, the motor angle should not be too small, so as not to affect the precision screening, general vibration sieve factory motor at a 45 degree angle, users can also according to the material sieving process of special requirements for the vibration motor angle is adjusted to 100 degrees, materials to the center of the screen. According to the different properties of various materials, in order to achieve the best results, adjust the vibration sieve motor under the heavy hammer phase angle change material movement trajectory, extend or shorten the raw material on the screen time.

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