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How to prolong the life of vibrating screen

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How to prolong the life of vibrating screen
The service life of the equipment is one of the most concerned problems in the purchase and purchase equipment. How to prolong the service life of the equipment on the basis of the original is a problem that many users are concerned about. Now, to share with you a little way to extend the life of the vibrating screen.
1 before the use of vibration sieve, material testing machine, no problem can be normal screening production.
2. Usually use a shaker to often check vibration screen frame and the screen is damaged, damaged, if damaged, should timely update the screen, in order to avoid material leakage phenomenon, affecting the screening effect, delay the production schedule.
3 linear vibrating screen is two vibration motor, exciting force is larger, therefore, need to pay special attention to the adjustment of the angle of the motor eccentric block.
4 regular vibration motor with grease to lubricate the bearings to prevent the vibration motor wear seriously burned.
Beam ring bolt screening machine 5 check whether the loosening of the phenomenon, to avoid leakage of materials in a timely manner on the screen.
6 when the vibrating screen is started, there is no hard and fast object, so as to avoid scratching the surface of the screen.
To timely repair or replacement of the selected 7. The motor reaches the service life of the motor certain if the same type, if click types inconsistent will be not row material or material moving track is not normal, even screen shattering machine appear.
Equipment service life to a large extent will affect the efficiency of production equipment and enterprise production efficiency, the user attention in the use of the above methods, reduce equipment failure rate, can greatly extend the life of vibrating screen.

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