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Belt conveyor maintenance steps

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Belt conveyor maintenance steps
Belt conveyor belt in the event of damage, first of all to clean up environmental health site, and will surface to be bonded skirt, plastic bucket drilling junction and flat belt surface is clean, no dust, oil. Conveyor belt in brush glue before should first adhesive attached to the hardening agent according to 10: (0.7 0.1) mixing evenly, until stirred into uniform color, this distribution of glue with fast curing, node force strong, heat resistance, aging resistance and adhesive without heating and compression fixation etc. characteristics. In the repair of conveyor belt with short row brush coating, must use force, while maintaining a thin and uniform, the length of each coating control in about one meter and later the perimeter lights intervals and cooked at the same time (if the ambient temperature is high, natural drying), baking keep a distance of about 10cm, about five minutes to be dry and then coated with the second layer; if met flat belt canvas layer or other fiber fabric layer, and obvious Mao particle shedding to less should brush more than three layers.
After the coating drying to hand back the adhesion, or skirt a plastic bucket from the front to the back pressure in the coating gradually, at the same time with a hammer from the center to the edge in order to eliminate the internal air, beat, and then use the serrated plate insert skirt root zone, the corresponding flat belt is placed at the bottom of a rectangular lattice gauge flat steel plate of the same then the pressure plate length elongation along the vertical direction, the upper and lower 2 steel plates fixed on the press, the general 1m 3--4 with long plate pressure can pressure screw in upper skirt width center line position, then turn the screw, the skirt in close contact with the flat belt, in order to improve the effect of drilling. Press time, should not be less than 15min, the best control over 20min, usually bonded 1m 40min crony. The plastic bucket of cat nodes, without pressure, as long as the cement can eliminate air strike.
Attention should be paid to the problem after repair:
(1) repair work after the end of the first idle 1H inspection, found a crack or loss shall be processed in a timely manner.
(2) in the early stage of feeding, according to the design capacity of the belt conveyor 50% or so load, running 1--2 classes, after the correct, according to the normal load feeding.
(3) the use of process, such as the discovery of large inclined angle belt conveyor feeding and discharging end of the aggregate, may affect skirt or a plastic bucket normal work, should be promptly stop processing, prevent skirt, a plastic bucket tear down.
Through the use of the above process to the edge of the belt conveyor belt repair and application practice proves that after the repair of the belt and the new belt compared to its performance and service life is almost no big difference. The application of this repair process, not only to extend the use of conveyor belt cycle.

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