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Belt conveyor belt replacement and installation

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Belt conveyor belt replacement and installation
Belt conveyor in the long run time or improper operation of the case, will cause damage to the ah, this time, whether it is to replace the conveyor belt or re installation, should be carried out according to the following steps:
1 turn off all the power supply, remove the protective cover, screw the assembly bolt of the motor, and then move the motor to make the conveyor belt loose, easy to remove the damaged conveyor belt;
2 if there is abnormal wear condition, it will show that the transmission device has a problem, and then choose a suitable conveyor belt to prepare for the replacement;
3. The first pair of pulleys to clean up, this time to pay attention to: do not take the sand paper to wipe the oil or dirt, do not directly in the cleaner soaking or washing. These two methods will cause damage to the belt pulley;
4 before changing to ensure that the conveyor belt must be kept dry;
5.Anti deviation, transmission protection protection devices such as inspection, deviation, abrasion of the immediate adjustment and maintenance;
6.on the belt pulley installed conveyor, then to adjust the transmission center distance, with tension measuring conveyor belt to the appropriate tension so far; then all the bolts tightened motor, if tightening may lead to poor performance of the conveyor;
7 replacement is completed, the operation of the conveyor after the replacement of the situation, if there is noise and vibration, etc., to immediately shut down, the motor and bearings to check.

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