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Safety precautions prior to the first use of the vibrating s

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Safety precautions prior to the first use of the vibrating screen
Vibration screening machine should be no-load start before the first use, no vibration sieve overload operation, vibration sieve shaker (vibration motor) part of the need to install protective cover. The following operation is strictly prohibited in the operation of the vibrating screen: fastening equipment bolt wipe vibration motor; cleaning sieve and failure, we must stop.
Check before work:
1. The sun the surface should be smooth, no breakage, loosening, joints tight, vibration sieve sieve, sieve seam should not appear too large, too small and excessive wear phenomenon.
The 2 screen and should not have accumulated material, before and after the chute blockage, should not overload the boot screen.
3 set control start, the staff should leave the equipment running parts, in the vicinity of the switch to monitor the start of the device.
Normal operation rules:
1. Press start sequential start screening machine, after reaching the rated speed, pay attention to sieve machine in operation there is no abnormal sound and vibration, found problems in a timely manner.
2 to confirm the normal operation of the equipment, after feeding, feeding material is not easy to be too large or too small, should be uniform feeding. In operation should pay close attention to the change of material.
3 pay attention to observe the vibration in the operation of the screen box is stable, whether there is abnormal phenomenon, if there is a timely report to the stop processing.
4 running process should always pay attention to the temperature of the vibration motor, and listen to the voice of the parts of the site, found the problem in a timely manner to deal with.
5 screening machine must be no-load start, after the screening machine running smoothly, uniform feeding, stop before the feed, the material to be discharged after the stop.
6 in the normal operation of screening machine, we should pay attention to the screening of the material on the screen and the effect of screening, and often check the size of the particle size of the sieve to prevent running.

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