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What vibration screen glass micro beads

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Vibration sieve
What are the good methods for screening glass beads? According to its characteristics, the vibrating screen can perfectly explain the problem of screening, impurity removal and classification of glass beads.
Glass microsphere is a new kind of material which has been developed in recent years. The product is made of boron silicate raw materials through high technology, the size of 250 - 10 microns, wall thickness of 1-2 microns. The product has the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, high strength, good chemical stability, etc., its surface after special treatment with lipophilic hydrophobic properties, is very easy to disperse in the organic material system.
Glass bead is now widely used in artificial agate, marble, glass steel bowling and other materials and high-grade heat insulation coating, with a significant reduction of the weight of products and good thermal insulation effect. The hollow glass microsphere is a sensitive agent for the performance of civil emulsion explosive, which can significantly improve the initiation performance of emulsion explosive and prolong the storage time. In addition, hollow glass beads can also be used to increase the volume of atomic ash, improve grinding performance, improve the resistance to acid and alkali.
According to the characteristics of glass bead, Kang vibration machinery is recommended as follows: two kinds of screening equipment: ultrasonic vibration sieve and swing vibrating screen (Yao Baishai):
Ultrasonic vibration sieve micro glass bead is characterized in: screen under low frequency vibration of the vibration motor, at the same time and in the screen surface superimposed high-frequency ultrasonic vibration, the screen net of large particles suspended in the screen surface, completely avoid the clogging of screen mesh, the real meaning to solve the ordinary vibration sieve machine can not deal with static and easy agglomeration, adsorption is strong, the screen mesh card blocking and other technical problems. As usual, it is difficult to screen the material, as well as ultra-fine, ultra light material handling capacity and production has been significantly improved.
The structure principle of vibrating screen is the manual operation is converted to mechanical operation, will swing around and tangent throwing and the level of rejection of the effective combination of the three kinds of torque. For some materials, is easy to be stuck in the sieve, second is suffered vibration force is easy to be damaged, therefore the selection of ultrasonic vibration sieve and swinging screen more appropriate.
Rocking sieve in micro glass bead is characterized by: 1: swing sieve eccentric distance can be from 25 mm to 40 mm, low-speed V-belt drive from 120 to 360rpm adjustable, so that the material can fully contact with the screen, effective screening area is relatively large.
2: the material in the sieve surface to do reciprocating motion, so that the material can be fully separated, improve the accuracy of the screening. Therefore, in view of the characteristics of the glass beads and market demand, swing sieve in its industry in the use of the customer's recognition and praise. Due to the characteristics of glass beads and the application of the field of demand, product quality requirements more stringent, the value of the product is also higher! In order to adapt to the social development and technology innovation need more continuous improvement. To this end, we specially developed new swing sieve, the particle size from 75-250mm of multi micro beads separate, very good to meet the production process continuously improve the demand, to enhance the quality and value.

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