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Glass beads production process and work processes

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Glass beads production process and work processes
Glass beads work flow
(1) Check the motor reversing.

(2) the furnace inlet to open, start the fan, take the furnace body of the gas, five minutes later, start the circulating pump, until the furnace under the water pipe smooth, do the ignition preparation.

(3) to open a gun with the outlet, start the ignition, the first point of the fire rods aligned with the gun with the outlet, and slowly open the gas pipeline valve, ignited after the closure of the fire stick. (Note: first do not increase the supply of gas)

(4) start the cooling dragon, two together to start.

(5) start the vibrating screen.

(6) all normal, do all the inspection, equipment, normal, normal temperature, open the electromagnetic feeder, began cutting. (Note: do not start too much current supply)

(7) check the quality of glass beads, slowly feeding, to ensure the quality of the case, before increasing the furnace production.

(8) to ensure that the temperature of glass beads do not burn the packaging before they can be filling.
Glass beads production process
Recycled waste glass → broken sieving → glass sand (or purchase) → fired → cooling sieving → weighing, packing.
Glass beads in the production process is an important part of the firing process. The use of special firing furnace and coal gas or emptying of natural gas to heat over the sand, the shape of the sand will be burned into small spherical body. The first coking gas or natural gas lit in the furnace, the furnace temperature up to 800 degrees when the glass into the sand; sand heat at the same time with the fire up the formation, re-entering the diffusion chamber cooling stereotypes, re-cooled into the vibrating screen sifted, After the end of the packaging. This product is physically deformed.
Glass beads production line is the use of the principle of flame flotation method, the waste glass will be broken into a certain size of the particles, and in a certain way the glass particles into the flame, the role of the flame, the glass particles softening, melting, , Cooling and curing to become glass beads.
The only raw material of the equipment is the reuse of waste glass, the heating process required for the processing of coking coal coke produced by the coking or emptying natural gas collection and reuse. Therefore, it is waste use, energy saving, green economy.

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