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Mobile mixer


Mixer introduction
Mixer uses: This machine belongs to the movable glass bead mixer, mixing plastic and semi dry hard glass beads, the mixing drum is transferred mixing and reverse discharging, each tank can be stirred 200 liters of 250 liters of 300 liters of 350 liters 750 liter glass beads, an hour can produce 6-14 cubic meters. Suitable for general construction site, road, bridge engineering and medium and small sized concrete components factory. Fixed stirring can dig a pit, the hopper opening flush with the ground, feeding is convenient, greatly reduce the labor intensity, beautiful shape, etc. is a more advanced version.
First,mixing mechanism
The mixing mechanism is composed of a mixing drum, a supporting wheel and a transmission system.
Mixing drum is the working parts of the mixer, the mixing tube to double cone, cylinder body is welded with two pairs of high and low, cross layout, respectively and the axis of the mixing drum into certain angle, stirring cylinder rotates leaves in the material lifting falling at the same time, also make material axial channeling dynamic, so stirring relatively strong, stirring 35-45 sec can achieve homogenization.
A pair of discharging blades are welded on the discharging cone of the mixing barrel, and the rotating direction of the mixing barrel is changed.
The mixing drum is supported by four support, and the mixing drum is rotated by the motor through the gear box drive gear ring, so it is still reliable in foggy weather and rainy weather.

Second, feeding mechanism
The feeding mechanism consists of an upper hopper, a climbing ladder, a connecting track and a landing track.
Into the hopper lifting and climb over action, by reduction gear box output shaft through the shaft end into the material clutch and a wire rope reel drive clutch by manual manipulation control lever, hopper limit position, by a limit device automatically disengaging the clutch.

Third, water supply system
The water supply system is composed of a motor, a water pump, a regulating valve and a pipeline.
After the motor is electrified, the water pump can be directly injected into the mixing drum, and the flow rate of the water can be regulated by regulating the valve. The amount of water needed for stirring is realized by using the time interruption in the electric box to directly control the running time of the pump motor. The user can according to the given time flow relations, choose the required amount of time required for water supply, and can be regularly checked or adjusted. The water supply department has two start buttons. When the water supply is supplied, the water pump is started according to the left side of the water pump, and the water supply circuit automatically cuts off after reaching the specified time. On the right side of the rotary button after rotation, according to what buttons on the left can be continuous water supply and tighten the split nut device, connect the hoses and can flush the appearance of the mixer, disassemble the nuts, which can resume normal water supply.

Fourth, chassis
The chassis is the No. 14 channel steel welded with two tires, below, in front of a traction rod used for towing. The front part of the upright plate is also provided with a front supporting wheel, which is used for parking or short distance transfer on the ground. The four corners of the chassis are equipped with adjustable height supporting legs, and when the mixer works, the supporting legs are strong, so as to improve the stability of the machine. Car towing, the front support wheel over hang, still need to the legs to be placed in the highest position, and with a locating pin, and then loaded on spring, to prevent vibration, latches off.