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Ultrasonic vibrating screen


Working characteristics of ultrasonic vibrating screen:
Based on the experience of many years of fine grading, the company developed a XZS ultrasonic vibration screening machine with independent intellectual property rights based on the advanced technology of the advanced technology. Sieve machine adopts advanced intelligent ultrasonic vibration controller, change the single frequency brings adaptability and non adjustable, realize the organic combination of ultrasonic and vibration sieve, performance reached and exceeded the level of similar products in the world. Solve the strong adsorption, easy to reunite, high static electricity, high precision, light weight and other screening problems, with superior performance. Large breakthrough in the performance of ultrasonic vibration sieve. Screening accuracy can be referred to 1-100%, the yield can be increased 1-10 times; to truly meet the needs of industrial production more than 500.
1 in achieving high precision and high sieving mesh and narrow size range control.
2 can be single layer and multi-layer use, a set of intelligent ultrasonic generator at the same time using three transducers.
3 complete screen self-cleaning function: more than 500 mesh sieving, no clogging, no screening efficiency attenuation.
4 to truly solve the strong adsorption, easy to reunite, high static, high precision, light weight and other screening problems.
5 ensure that the properties of the material are not changed.
6 screening accuracy can be referred to 1-100%, the yield can be increased 1-10 times.
Application range of 400, 500, 600 mesh sieving silicon carbide, alloy powder, molybdenum powder, stainless steel powder, tungsten powder, nickel powder, powder coating, quartz powder, Ding Michler's ketone powder, malt powder, ribavirin, coffee powder, magnetic powder, anode material, laser powder.
Ultrasonic resonant power supply: 38KHz high frequency high power ultrasonic resonant power supply. The built-in microcomputer chip can automatically track the whole digital frequency according to the different state of the ultrasonic wave, and the operation is simple and convenient without manual adjustment. Long working oscillator with low calorific value and stable working condition.
1 high frequency connection line: the ultrasonic oscillator and the ultrasonic resonant power supply uses the electric cable connection.
2 connectors: Aerospace connection plug ins.
3 oscillator: high performance ultrasonic transducer,
4 screen: the use of 10 -635 mesh,
Basic working principle:
Ultrasonic wave rack: composed of outer space frame and resonant ring.
The ultrasonic screening system is composed of ultrasonic resonant power supply, oscillator and resonant ring. Ultrasonic resonant power supply of high frequency electrical oscillations by the oscillator into longitudinal oscillations of the form of high frequency sine wave, the oscillation wave conduction resonance ring on the resonant ring resonance, followed by resonant ring will be uniform vibration transmission to the screen surface. Screen material in the low-frequency three dimensional vibration at the same time, superimposed on the ultrasonic vibration can prevent the mesh plug, and can improve the yield and quality of screening.
General technical data:
Ultrasonic resonant power supply:
1 power input: AC 220V + 10% 50-60Hz
2 of the current: less than 0.6A
3 high frequency current: less than 0.5A
4 working frequency 38KHz
5 working mode: continuous, pulse
6 ambient temperature: -10~40℃