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YBS circular vibrating screen


Circular vibrating screen is designed to meet the large output, high precision screening of manufacturers and special design of a high efficiency screening machine, the most simple screening is the eyes of both hands screening. The swinging sieving machine this time of mechanical simulation, it is currently the most effective simulated artificial sieving movement of the effective principle (screening accuracy, efficiency and service life of the sieve net is 5-10 times than conventional round sieve), in line with all the fine and ultra-fine powder and particulate materials, particularly suitable for materials which are difficult to deal with.
Features of YBS circular vibrating screen:
Up to 5 times of output per unit area, accurate to 6 grade separation, screening efficiency is as high as 90% - 95%; use silicon rubber ball, ultrasonic cleaning efficiency network system, mesh does not jam. Closed dust removal, operation safety; 4.5 times lower than the vibration sieve, screening parts life increased and maintenance of the reduction; noise less than 75 db. Optimal weight balance, low dynamic load of foundation.

Structure principle of YBS circular vibrating screen:
The basic rotary motion is similar to that of the artificial sieve, and the eccentricity ratio is adjustable from 25 to 40mm, and the low speed V belt drive can be adjusted from 120 to 360rpm.
The residence time of each product can be adjusted by the radial direction and the tangential angle of the swinging screen.
Therefore the establishment level and throwing three tumbling. The material from the center to the edge of the screen surface evenly dispersed, which spread in axial spiral motion. Fine particles to complete the entire screening process.
Horizontal and vertical acceleration with the motion of the particle increases, close to the aperture size of particles subsequently successfully separated. Larger particles were transported to the exit, exit by a guiding device with adjustable flow control and the guiding device is control of material retention time is another factor. 
The process is repeated between each sieve layer.

Applicable industry:
Chemistry, food and spices, plastics, mining, medicine, wood and plywood, metallurgy, rubber, feed, fertilizer, sugar, salt, and other industries.
Table of technical parameters of YBS circular vibrating screen:
Sieving area0.290.711.111.832.623.635.31
Space requirement0.
Maximum sieve layer5555555
Power consumption0.
Rubber ball cleaning5layer5layer5layer5layer5layer5layer5layer
In charge of cleaning brush5layer5layer5layer5layer5layer5layer5layer
Ultrasonic cleaning5layer5layer5layer5layer5layer5layer5layer
Filter attachment2layer2layer2layer2layer2layer2layer2layer
Effective diameter63093011001340134017401940
1layer height830115514801480150014701580
1layer weight140490700980105016901900
2layer height965128016401640166015901710
2layer weight1665357701060114017802000
3layer height1080140018001800182017101840
3layer weight1705808401140123018702100
4layer height1200152519601960198018301970
4layer weight1856259101220132019602200
5layer height1310165021202120214019502100
5layer weight2006709801300141020502300