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FYBS swing screen (square screen)


Introduction of FYBS swing screen:
The simple pursuit of screening accuracy will be at the expense of the production cost, and the pursuit of high yield will drop the accuracy and precision square swing sieve is in view of the above problems and specially designed a with high precision and high yield high efficiency sieving equipment. It is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, nonferrous metal, non ferrous metal, food, abrasive and other industries.
Through the square precision swinging sieve vibrator vibrated with rolling motion and transferred to the screen surface, so that the material in the sieve machine front quickly dispersed, so as to achieve efficient screening.
Features and application of FYBS swing screen:
(1) since the excellent net cleaning effect
(2) screen high utilization rate and long service life and good sealing effect
(3) sealing effect is good
Used to: 
Chemical industry
(chemical fertilizer, melamine resin, soda ash, etc.)
Food (starch, salt, sugar, milk powder, etc.)
Metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, alkaline materials, etc.
Working principle of FYBS swing screen:
From the sieve machine shaking body the sieve box trajectory point of view, the square type swing sieve is also called reciprocating sieve, the driving device to produce vibration force is around a fixed axis, a regular change of the inertia force, its essence is by an eccentric wheel around a fixed axis rotation of the reciprocating inertia force. According to the structural characteristics and working principle of the swing screen, the screen surface is generally horizontal or slightly inclined (0 degrees -5). Swing screen work principle for screening machine start screening machine shaking body is the sieve box in the inertial force under the effect of back and forth, sieve box drives the sieve surface periodic shake, so that screen on the surface of the material along with the screen box together as directional leaping motion. During less than sieve aperture surface material through sieve fell to the bottom, become the screening than sieve aperture surface material by continuous roll jumping movement from the discharging port of discharge, the final completion of the screening work.
From the direction of the FYBS swing screen of the structure and working principle, we can see that the transmission mechanism of eccentric wheel base material motion trajectory and the material in the sieve surface on the retention time is one of the important influence, the sieve machine processing ability and the screening efficiency have the opposite effect. In view of this, in the actual screening operations, we can according to the specific circumstances and needs, in terms of production ability and the screening efficiency trade-offs.
Technical parameters of FYBS swing screen:
ModelEffective screening area(㎡)power
Screen surface inclination
layersRotation frequency
Screen box travel