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QS vertical airflow screening machine


Working principle of QS vertical air flow screening machine:
QS series air screening machine abandoned the principle of gravity potential energy operation, using air as the carrier, the principle of kinetic energy work.
Material is mixed with air, enters the screen fan intermediate wheel, enough centrifugal force is applied through the wind wheel blades, to barrel shaped screen mesh is sprayed through the net the airflow through the negative pressure, after the volute collection, super size materials can not be over the net, by automatic slag discharge, so do the purpose of screening is rapid.

Performance characteristics of QS vertical airflow screening machine:
1 high screening efficiency, can reach more than 95%
2 units when the output is 5-10 times the vibration sieve or higher
3 to adapt to a wide range of fineness, 80-530 powder materials can be highly efficient screening
4 the fineness of the product is accurate, there is no super mixing and phenomenon
5 screen vertical installation, no weight, wide service life
6 screening degree is carried out under the condition of negative pressure, no dust pollution
7 can be used with a variety of mill, the wind power network
8 noise is small, low power consumption, continuous operation, reduce maintenance
QS vertical airflow screening machine applicable industry:
Graphite powder, resin powder, medicine powder, paint, fly ash, talcum powder, industrial chemicals, cosmetics, fire extinguishing agent, plastic powder, clay, aluminum powder, glass powder, refractory materials, starch, milk powder, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, copper powder, carbon black, activated carbon, light calcium carbonate and so on.

Technical parameters of QS vertical air flow screening machine;
Project / parameter / specificationQS-600QS-1000QS-1600QS-2000
The screen size (mesh / time)80~530Arbitrary replacement
Particle size (mesh)more than 40
Power of screening (mesh)35.533
Spindle speed(r.p.m)450~1450
Outside diameter(mm)Φ600Φ1000Φ1600Φ200
Full height(mm)1150120023002500