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WQ horizontal air flow screen


Working principle of WQ horizontal air flow screen:
The device screen is in the shape of a circular cylinder, is arranged in the machine body, material through the spiral conveying system, and air mixing, spray into the net barrel; through the net barrel endogenous wind wheel blades make the material and by centrifugal force and the cyclone propelling force, thus forcing the material is sprayed through the net, by the fine material discharge port discharge, not too material on the net along the tube wall from the coarse material discharge.
Performance characteristics of WQ horizontal air flow screen:
1 the whole machine has small volume, light weight, stable and no vibration, no noise, good sealing performance, no dust, high efficiency,
2 the shell structure is novel, the installation is simple, the control is convenient.
3 can be single or multi machine supporting the use of a long time continuous operation, safe and reliable.
4 mesh by cyclone erosion, automatic mesh cleaning.
5 to block the material to have again broken function.
6 new outer spherical bearing, prolong service life.
7 the machine can be matched with pneumatic conveying system, and it can be directly connected to the wind and save the resources.
8. The new design; gas protection system can will purify air transport to the two ends of the device, can effectively reduce the temperature created in the operation in the process of the equipment; the bearing formation gas isolation layer, so as to prevent dust entering effectively extend bearing service life, reduce the maintenance frequency, improve work efficiency.
9 can be special design; net tube rotation system, to meet the special needs.
WQ horizontal air flow screen application industry:
Used in metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, metal powder and nonmetal etc..
WQ horizontal air flow screen technical parameters:
ModelTexture of materialapply
Screening below 500 mesh
WQ30-100Q235AScreening below 500 mesh
WQ50-130Q235AScreening below 500 mesh