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BS wave screen coal machine


Application of wave screen coal machine:
Series of BS undulate screener is a without screening of raw coal screening and design a special screening equipment for coal crusher before will not by screening for a variety of different specifications of particle sizing, get the required material size, to meet the plant's needs. This product is one of the important equipment in the coal conveying system in thermal power plant, in the metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, coal and other system can also be widely used.

Product features of BS series wave screening machine:
By mechanical method, through a plurality of rows of parallel on the rotor in a special screen in the form of a flexible mesh sheet composition of the screen surface rotor by same direction and equal speed week to rotate the screen surface coal material with peach shaped sieve plate staggered rotary, the wave form of forward motion, to achieve the purpose of screening efficiency of the machine. The product has the advantages of small size, high screening efficiency, high output power, and can automatically clean the screen surface, without blocking screen, wide adaptability, no vibration, no dust, small noise, etc.. The machine has a bypass device, which can realize automatic control.

Technical parameters of BS series wave screen coal mining machine:
Axis number677891111
Screen size(mm)40×10040×13040×13040×13040×13040×13040×130
Screening efficiency(%)90909090909090
Screen shaft speed(r/min)140140140140140140140
Motor power(Kw)
linear actuator
Outline dimension
(length * width * height)(mm)