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GTS drum sieve


Overview of GTS series drum sieve:

GTS series drum sieve is a special screening equipment developed by our company for power plant coking plant, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, mine, ceramics and other industries. It has overcome the problem of screen plugging in the sieve and line sieve in the wetting material, and has improved the output and reliability of the screening system, which has been well received by the majority of users.
The drum sieve is composed of hexagonal drum, frame, funnel reducer and motor. When the broken stone enters the drum, the centrifugal force and jigging action of the roller are used to sift the material. Screen out through different mesh screen. The different specifications of the stone material pass through the sieve and the funnel into the belt machine to the finished material. By screening, on the one hand, as the drums rotate by roller rotation of the centrifugal force and jigging sieve material, on the other hand, particle size of stone along the slope forward flow of roller, through different mesh screen gradually be screen out. Small stones are sifted out and dropped into their own funnels, which are then manually shipped out or sent to the finished reactor. 

Working principle of GTS series drum sieve:
GTS series drum screen consists of motor, reducer, drum device, frame, seal cover and inlet and outlet. The roller device is inclined to be mounted in the rack. The motor is connected through the coupling through the reducer and the roller device, which drives the drum device to rotate around its axis.When the materials enter the cylinder device, due to tilt and turn the drum unit, is the material on the surface of the screen to flip and rolling, the qualified materials (undersize) by cylindrical drum sieve, unqualified material (product) on the screen by the end of the cylinder.As the material is flipped and rolled inside the cylinder, the material that is stuck in the sieve can be ejected to prevent the screen from being blocked.
Main characteristics of GTS series drum sieve:
1. The mesh is not easily blocked
2. Stable operation and low noise
3. Simple structure and convenient maintenance
4. High reliability of the whole machine, less disposable investment
5. The special screen is adopted to screen efficiency and long service life.

Technical parameters of GTS series drum sieve:
ModelSieve area(㎡)Treatment quantity(t/h)Outer diameter(mm)ength(m)power(Kw)