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Hot ore vibrating screen


Application and characteristics of SZR hot ore vibrating screen:
SZR series hot ore vibrating screen is mainly used in the metallurgical industry, the temperature at 600-800 degrees in the small grade sinter grade, and to complete the uniform materials operation of cooling equipment. According to the condition of the working site, the motor can be installed on the left or right side. According to the different installation position of the motor or the vibration exciter, the hot ore vibrating screen can be divided into the upper or lower vibration mode. My company according to user requirements, design and manufacture of various specifications of the hot ore vibrating screen.

Working principle and structural characteristics of SZR hot ore vibrating screen:
SZR series hot ore vibrating screens are installed in the seat type. By adopting the double axle vibration exciter, the motor does not participate in the vibration, and the outer support of the two motor is rotated in reverse direction, so that the screen body can move in a straight direction as a periodic reciprocating motion, thereby reaching the purpose of screening.
The beam series hot screen and screen box side plates made of heat or stainless steel plate, and the ring groove rivet, fastening not only good, but also greatly reduces the internal stress generated by welding.
This series of hot screen with sieve plate made of wear-resistant materials of high temperature resistance, good heat resistance, has the characteristics of no deformation, long service life, convenient installation, easy disassembly of sieve plate.
This series of hot screen using two isolation device, can greatly reduce the impact on the basis of the work equipment, thereby reducing the cost of foundation.
Installation and adjustment of SZR hot ore vibrating screen:
1, before installation, the on-site installation diagram based and sieve check, plane error less than 3mm of embedded steel.
2, before installation, the installation according to the sieve from the bottom to the order, after each link are adjusted to the preliminary qualified state, then the next step of the installation.
3, the screen is installed, adjust the relative position, a damping spring and two are vertical, the motor axis should be below the vibrator axis 3-5mm, the motor bracket, the spring base and embedded steel spot welding.
4.requires two motors to turn to the opposite, the vibration exciter eccentric block in the same phase.
5, vibration sieve air cutting operation requirements for 4-6 hours, screen body running smoothly, no swing and abnormal noise, check the status of the fastening plate, vibration exciter.

Use and maintenance of SZR hot ore vibrating screen:
1, screening machine should avoid the material to start, before the use of cleaning up the screen around the machine and the machine.
2, in a work process, if found does not run smoothly, there is abnormal sound or other abnormal situation, should immediately stop check.
3, often check the bolt connection, if there is any loosening immediately tighten.
4, source of adjustment, use and maintenance, please refer to the instructions. (vibration motor using 3 months after the first, the vibration exciter once a month, half a year to maintain, a year of maintenance.
5, the spring is easy to accumulate dust impurities, affecting the normal work of the spring, should be regularly cleaned.

Technical parameter table of SZR hot ore vibrating screen:
ModelFeed particle size(mm)Treatment quantity
Double amplitude
Moto modelVoltage (V)Power(Kw)

SZR hot ore vibrating screen size table: