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Horizontal rotary screen


PZS Horizontal rotary screening machine
Introduction of Horizontal rotary urea screening machine:
The PZS rotary screening screening machine is a new kind of sieving equipment that our company has introduced foreign technology on the basis of our production sieving machines. This machine has the advantages of reasonable design, sample operation and balance, complete and closed structure, dust-proof, anti-plugging hole and anti-sticking network, especially it is more obvious this machine is better for urea which hygroscopic, viscous, easy blocking and sticking. Because of the principle of planar rotary notion, the dynamic ratio and basic dynamic load of the equipment are reduced effectively.
Application of planar rotary urea screening machine:
The PZS type planar rotary urea screening machine is a new kind of sieving device for large particles urea. It can be widely used in chemical, fertilizer, urea, grain processing, refractories, building materials and other industries.
Advanced nature of planar rotary urea screening machine:
A. No vertical vibration, long life of sieve (6-12 months)
B. The screen is equipped with a mesh cleaning device.The screen is not blocked, in the operating , the sieve is continuously cleaned up.
C. Because using principle of plane rotary, obviously improve the distribution state of material, so improve the effective utilization rate of screen surface and eventually improve the screening efficiency, and reduce the powder content in the finished product material.
D. The whole enclosed structure has no dust pollution and improves the working environment of the operator.
E. Reduce the load by 3-5 times.

Technical parameters of planar rotary urea screening machine
Vibration exciter modelType
Installation dimensions
Vibration exciter modelType
Installation dimensions