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Linear equal thickness vibrating screen (rubber sieve)


ZDS series of straight lines and so thick shaker Profile
Used in metallurgy industry, sinter, sintered pellets, mining industry, ore grade, the coal industry classification, dehydration, and other child care referral and screening industry, and with the specifications of the machine compared to other types of screens, large capacity, high screening efficiency simple structure, easier to operate, the lowest failure rate, using the lowest cost, is a large sintering plant, pellet plant, concentrator, coal washing plant of choice for large shaker.

ZDS series thick biaxially self-synchronization shaker works:
Two electric motors for reverse rotation by dragging the eccentric shaft vibration exciter on the quality of two eccentric shafts synthetic linear or elliptical motion isolation system driven through the screen box or elliptical motion in a straight line on the screen base materials into vibrating screen box toss in a continuous forward to achieve through the sieve according to particle size and shape classification.Since the biaxial self-synchronous elliptical (linear) Shaker does not have any means to force synchronization and self-synchronization, eliminating the need for complex synchronization device structure is very simple, operation is very simple. Fewer parts, fewer points of failure, low maintenance and low cost. Transmission path is short, less transmission components, low energy consumption, energy saving, low noise.
Because of equal thickness screening, screening the material fully, taking into account the screening efficiency and throughput. Therefore, high efficiency, large capacity.

ZDS series thick biaxially self-synchronization shaker Model Description
ZDS 口 口

ZDS- and so thick shaker Code
口- Sieve surface width dm
口 - screen surface length dm
ZDS- linear shaker equal thickness Technical Data Sheet:
parameterFeeding Size(mm)Capacity
Screen surface area(m2MotorMin GPA
Vibration frequency
Double amplitude
straight lineoval
Short axis