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Shaft screw conveyor


Brief introduction of WLS type non axis screw conveyor:

WLS type without shaft screw conveyor is the technical department of our factory on the basis of the design and production of various types of screw conveyor experience, with reference to the similar products in the country, combined with the relevant scientific research departments and the design and development of new conveyor products.
WLS type without shaft screw conveyor is mainly used for environmental protection, paper making, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, beverage and other industries transfer station attached to the property of strong material, paste viscous and dense material (such as chemical raw materials, waste paper pulp, malt, sludge, etc.) as well as easy winding material (such as garbage), has a unique advantage. So the non axis screw conveyor, also known as anti winding conveyor, garbage disposal conveyor.
Features of WLS type non axis screw conveyor:
Compared with the traditional shaft screw conveyor, the non axial screw conveyor has the following outstanding characteristics because of the use of the non central axis design, the use of a certain flexibility of the overall steel spiral push material:
No shaft screw conveyor anti winding and strong: because there is no central axis interference, to deliver banded viscous materials, easy winding material has special advantages, such as for sewage treatment plant for conveying the fine grid, the grid spacing 50mm decontamination machine Shan slag and filter press mud cake and other material, or waste disposal sites to transport garbage treatment can prevent accidents caused by blockage.
The non axis screw conveyor has good environmental protection performance. Non shaft screw conveyor with fully enclosed conveyor and easy to clean the spiral surface, can ensure the environment silent and the material is not contaminated, no leakage.
The high torque and low energy consumption of the non axis screw conveyor. Because the screw has no shaft, the material is not easy to be blocked, the material discharging is not easy to be blocked, and the discharging port is not blocked, so that the material can be operated at lower speed, balance rotation and reduce energy consumption. Torque can be 4000N/m.
No shaft screw conveyor. The conveyor of the non - shaft screw conveyor is 1.5 times the diameter of the same diameter.
Length of conveyor belt of non axis screw conveyor. Single conveyor length of up to 60 meters. According to the needs of users, the use of multi-stage series installation, long distance transport materials.
Screw conveyor without shaft. I developed the production of mobile - type non - shaft screw conveyor, can work, a machine with more. Both the bottom of the material, and the end of the head out of the material. Special liner plate, the machine can work at high temperature. Compact structure, space saving, beautiful appearance, easy operation, economical and durable.
Technical parameter table of non axis screw conveyor:
Type nameLS150LS200LS250LS300LS400LS500
Diameter of screw(mm)Φ150Φ184Φ237Φ283Φ365Φ470
Diameter of casing pipe
Allowable working angle(α)0-30°0-30°0-30°0-30°0-30°0-30°
Maximum conveying length
Maximum transport capacity
Electric machinery