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Pulse bag filter


Product overview of pulse bag filter:
Pulse bag filter is on the basis of bag filter, improved new type of high efficiency pulse bag filter. In order to further improve the pulse bag type dust collector, and after the pulse bag type dust collector retained the purification the advantages of high efficiency, large capacity of gas processing, stable performance, convenient operation, long service life of the filter bag, maintenance workload is small. The structure and the pulse valve are reformed to solve the problem of the low pressure of the air source and the pressure of the air source in the open air.
Main features of pulse bag filter:
1, the dust collector using compartment stop wind pulse cleaning technology, overcomes the shortcomings of conventional pulse dust collector and loculose anti blow the shortcomings of precipitator, strong cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low concentration of emissions, small air leakage rate, less energy consumption, less steel consumption, covers an area of small, stable and reliable operation, economic benefits. For the metallurgical, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical, electric power, light industry, the dust containing gas purification and recycling of materials.
2, due to the adoption of the compartment the wind stopped blowing pulse jet, blowing a can reach to thoroughly clean the dust, so the cleaning cycle extended, reducing the dust cleaning energy consumption, the compressed air consumption can be greatly reduced. At the same time, the degree of fatigue bag and pulse valve also correspondingly reduced, so as to improve the life of the valve and the filter bag.
3, overhaul of the bag can be in the system of fan, the normal operating conditions of the system sub room. Filter bag opening using elastic ring, good sealing performance, stable and reliable. The bag keel polygon, reduce friction and prolong the keel of the bag, the bag bag unloading and easy life.
4, the upper part of the bag pumping method, changing the bag out of the framework, dirty tape into the lower part of the tank body, an ash bucket, taken from into the hole, improve the operation conditions of bag exchange.
5, the box adopts gas tightness design, good sealing performance, inspection door with excellent sealing material, making process with kerosene leak detection, the leakage rate is very low.
6, inlet, outlet duct layout is compact, small airflow resistance.
Selection of pulse bag filter:
1 and the filtration speed of the selection of the filtering speed is a key factor in the selection of dust remover, should according to smoke or dust nature, applications, dust particle size, viscosity, gas temperature, containing moisture content, containing dust concentration and different media and other factors to decide. When the dust particle size is fine, the temperature and humidity are higher, the concentration is bigger, the viscosity is bigger. If less than 1m/min; and the optional high value, generally not more than 1.5/min. for large particle size, temperature, drying, non sticky. And the concentration is very low, then the optional 1.5~2m/min. filtering speed selection, should be calculated in the reduction of a room (cleaning) when the filter area of the net filtering wind speed should not exceed the above value.
2, filtration materials should be in accordance with dust and gas temperature, water component, acid, alkali, dust viscosity, concentration and grinding peck height, size to consider, in general with low water content and non acidic with dust and gas temperature to choose, normal or less than or equal to 130 DEG C, commonly used 500~550g/m2 polyester acupuncture felt. < 250 DEG C, choose Fang Mei Lun Connaught fix needle felt or 800g / m2 glass fiber needled felt or 800g / m2 Wei double glass fiber woven or fluorine Mae {FMS} high-temperature filter (containing fluorine gas can not be with fiberglass material). When containing a large amount of water. The dust concentration and larger, should use waterproof, anti oil filter (or anti filter) or membrane filter material (fabric should be waterproof processing needle felts) through. When the dust laden gas containing acid, alkaline and gas temperature less than 190 DEG C, often choose laitong (Ryton PPS) needle felt. The gas temperature is less than or equal to 240 DEG C, acid and alkali resistance requirements are not too high, choose P84 (polyimide) needle felt. When the content of dust and gas is flammable and explosive gas, use anti-static polyester needle felt, when dust containing gas with a certain amount of water for inflammable and explosive gas, selection of waterproof and oil proof anti-static (NBC) polyester needle felt.
3, control instrument, long bag pulse dust cleaning control using PLC microcomputer program control instrument, automatic control, timing (manual), manual three control methods. Constant pressure control: according to the setting pressure control, the dust collector pressure exceeds the set value, each room automatically in turn clear again. Timing control: according to the set time, every one of the cleaning cycle, the room in order to clean it again. Manual control: in the field operation cabinet can be manually controlled in order to automatically clean the room of each room, but also for each room separately. Control mode selected by the user, the user does not require, when the stability control of supply.