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Best machinery specializing in the production of various types of vibration motor, professional custom VB-1054-W 4 pole vibration motor, 0.5 kW full copper package, high power motor.
Use of vibrating motor
The vibration motor is arranged on both ends of the rotor shaft by a set of adjustable eccentric block, and the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the shaft and the eccentric block is obtained. The vibration motor has high utilization rate, low energy consumption, low noise and long service life. Can be used for all bunker, hopper, chute of the silo wall vibration, to prevent material retention, which makes the material fast motion, is self synchronous linear vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, vibrating to the hopper, vibrating conveyer of various mechanical vibration excitation source is the ideal equipment for metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, abrasives, ceramics, chemicals, food, and so on the industrial sector, has an extremely wide application scope.
Vibration motor installation and use
Vibration motor for the three-phase 50HZ, 380V asynchronous motor, closed self cooling, horizontal installation. YZD series of vibrating motor in continuous work, the ambient air shall not contain corrosive and explosive gas (with explosion-proof motor), the ambient temperature shall not exceed 40. Of the vibration motor is installed in the mechanical vibration, vibration motor of anchor bolts must be fastening, each nut must be elastic washer and, when necessary, using double nut fastening, vibration motor at the initial operation stage, due to the bolt, a nut, a base plane of running, the fastening force is reduced, loose, so the running in the initial stage of the motor of anchor bolts and tighten them several times, at the start of every day fastening a, two weeks after the weekly fastening a. Vibration motor transport process or long-term idle, may be affected with damp, before use should check the insulation of windings, such as damp should be treated with the corresponding method. The vibration motor is generally run 4-6 months maintenance once a year for an overhaul. Minor repairs when the clearance of the dust, the resistance of the coil insulation inspection, wiring is firm, the timely removal of hidden dangers. Overhaul should be apart from the motor, with compressed air will be blown inside and outside the net, check the bearing wear, replace the new grease.
How to adjust the exciting force of the vibrating motor
Each end of the vibration motor is provided with a fixed eccentric block and an adjustable eccentric block, and the angle between the adjustable eccentric block and the fixed eccentric block can be adjusted to change the exciting force. The factory between the adjustable eccentric block and a fixed eccentric block zero angle, when the exciting force vibrating motor rated exciting force F, different angles of the exciting force is as shown in the table below to pay special attention to, the adjustment of exciting force to the both ends of the vibration motor can be adjustable eccentric block in the same direction adjustment of the same angle.

Operation and use of vibrating motor
1, the vibration motor should be reliable and firmly installed in the vibration equipment;
2.motor in place after the installation, cable shall not be with the vibrating body collision or friction should be in a natural state of suspension, and a cable diameter greater than 5 ~ 6 times the radius of curvature, the cable is fixed to a stationary machine or a frame, the distance of about 500 ~ 1000, in a fixed cable clips should be padded with the flexible insulation material.
3, according to the following requirements to adjust the exciting force
1) remove both ends of the protective cover, unscrew the bolts at both ends of the adjustable eccentric block.
2) on both sides of the eccentric block to rotate, so that the required excitation force calibration line at the end of the reference line;
3) tighten the eccentric block bolts, then install the protective cover.
4, the motor is connected with a power supply can operate, to observe whether it meets the requirements, or by replacing the power supply to change;
5, motor, such as abnormal sound in operation, such as abnormal noise, speed does not go, abnormal fever, etc., should immediately stop the inspection;
6, the motor is running a total of 100 hours for the initial operation, in the meantime, each class with a foot bolt fastening.

Maintenance and maintenance
1, vibration motor operation process, must pay attention to the lubrication of bearings. In normal operating conditions, accumulative running about 1600 hours, should replace the bearing grease and cleaning bearing, a bearing chamber, a bearing gland.
2, the motor to stop using or storage for more than half a year, should be removed and maintenance and replacement of grease.
3, motor cumulative operating time more than 5000 hours after the bearing to be inspected, such as damaged, should be replaced with new bearings.
4, motor parking for six months or longer, before the use of the stator coil to measure the insulation resistance, with 500V MB measurement, insulation resistance should not be less than 20.
5, the user should be familiar with the specification, you can use the machine.