What vibrating screen is used for glass beads
Column:Industry knowledge Time:2018-11-16

What is the best way to screen glass beads? According to its characteristics, the vibrating screen can perfectly explain the screening, impurity removal and classification of glass beads.

Glass bead is a new kind of material with wide application and special performance. The product is made of borosilicate raw material by high-tech processing, with particle size of 10-250 μ m and wall thickness of 1-2 μ M. The product has the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, high strength and good chemical stability. After special treatment, its surface has lipophilic and hydrophobic properties, and it is easy to disperse in organic material system.

Glass beads have been widely used in man-made agate, marble, glass fiber reinforced plastic bowling ball and high-grade thermal insulation coatings, which can significantly reduce the weight of products and good thermal insulation effect. Hollow glass bead is an excellent sensitizer of civil emulsion explosive, which can significantly improve the initiation performance and prolong the storage life of emulsion explosive. In addition, the hollow glass beads can also be used to increase the volume of the putty, improve the grinding performance and improve the acid-base resistance.

According to the characteristics of glass beads, Kangzhen machinery recommends the following two kinds of screening equipment: ultrasonic vibration screen and swing type vibrating screen (shaking screen)

The characteristics of ultrasonic vibration screen in glass beads are: when the screen is subject to low-frequency vibration of vibration motor, the high-frequency ultrasonic vibration is superimposed on the screen surface, which makes the large particles suspended on the surface of the screen, and completely avoids the mesh blockage of the screen mesh. In a real sense, it solves the problems that ordinary vibrating screen cannot deal with, such as static electricity, easy agglomeration, strong adsorption and screen mesh Mesh blocking and other technical problems. The treatment capacity and output of the materials which are difficult to screen and superfine and ultra light materials have been significantly improved.

The structural principle of the swing screen is to convert manual operation into mechanical operation, and effectively combine the left and right swing, tangent throwing and horizontal throwing. For some spherical materials, one is easy to be stuck in the sieve hole, and the other is easy to be damaged due to excessive vibration force. Therefore, it is appropriate to select ultrasonic vibration screen and swing screen.

The characteristics of swing screen in glass beads are as follows: 1. The eccentricity of swing screen can be adjusted from 25 mm to 40 mm, and the low-speed V-belt drive can be adjusted from 120 to 360 rpm, so that the material can fully contact with the screen, and the effective screening area is relatively increased.

2: The reciprocating motion of the material on the screen surface enables the material to be fully separated and the screening accuracy is improved. Therefore, according to the characteristics of glass beads and market demand, the application of swing screen in its industry has been recognized and praised by customers. Due to the characteristics of glass beads and the requirements of application fields, the quality requirements of products are more stringent, and the value of products is also higher! In order to comply with the development of society, technological innovation needs to be improved. Therefore, we specially developed a new type of swing screen, which can effectively separate the particle size from 75-250mm multi-stage micro beads, which can well meet the continuous improvement of production process and improve the quality and value.