Jiangsu customers
Column:CASE Time:2018-11-16


From November to December 2017, a company from Jiangsu visited our company. After our talks, the customer needed a set of glass bead equipment to produce glass beads. According to the requirements of customers, we make detailed plans for customers, from products to equipment to plants, and their market planning. The customer purchased a set of (0.6-6mm) large diameter glass bead production line. The equipment of the production line is glass bead furnace (6 tubes), drying furnace, cleaning tank and its auxiliary equipment. At present, the equipment has been delivered and installed.


The characteristic of 6-Tube furnace is that the output is large under the same energy consumption. The glass beads have good shape and uniform particle size. The whole set of equipment adopts gas furnace design and uses natural gas and coking gas as energy. Due to the combustion characteristics of natural gas and coking gas and the rolling firing method of the furnace, there is no pollution in the whole process, and the rounding of beads is also a physical change. The overall characteristics of the whole production line are environmental protection, energy saving, and large amount of beads.